About the Program

The program involves a new approach to preparedness planning and application through education that is civilian-centric. This particular preparedness program training is complementary to Emergency Management by preparing individuals, families, and communities for disruptive events. The focus is on training you to prevail over an event’s disruption of your needs.

There are five levels of preparedness, each level defines the magnitude of disruption and actions needed to prevail over the disaster. Each level is broken down into three categories based on the priority of human needs being disrupted by disasters. The educational segment of the program consists of a course catalog that present the risks, mitigation, skills, and gear needed to overcome disruption of human needs at each level.

America’s Preparedness Program was published by Core Shared Services LLC in 2017. The program started as a preparedness planning tool in 2001 and has evolved into a comprehensive preparedness training program. This website is the official source of program material and all material is copyrighted by the author.

About the Author

Steve’s experience includes: severe weather, wild critters, volcanoes, earthquakes, avalanches, tsunami, and Chernobyl fallout in Alaska. Alaska‚Äôs lack of basic infrastructure added to the challenge of these events. Further experience at the other extreme involves flash floods, critters, and extreme heat in Arizona. Work experience includes risk assessment, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning for government, utilities, and companies nationwide (yes, he traveled frequently).